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[The image above illustrates conic sections.  It shows relationships between an ellipse and the related hyperbolas.  This is one of the topics covered in Algebra 2.]

Computer video lessons to accompany each section of Paul A. Foerster’s Algebra and Trigonometry: Functions and Applications. For each section in the text there are two videos: a presentation of the new material, and a video problem solving session. The text must be obtained separately. The video series was designed to accompany the Prentice Hall Classics version of the text, but it will work well with earlier editions from 1994 onward. (For new or used copies of the text, see Amazon.com or Valore Books).  The course makes frequent use of GeoGebra (Classic edition, Ver 5) as a calculation and graphing tool.

(Solution manual and Skills Practice workbook now available. Order separately.)

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