Limited Tutoring Option

I do not have the time to undertake full-time tutoring. If you feel your child needs ongoing tutoring assistance I suggest you look for a local person, inquire about tutors at a nearby college campus, or look for other online services. However a number of people have approached me about getting temporary help when they get stuck on a particular topic. Sometimes two-way communication is really needed to get over a particularly difficult hurdle.

I have therefore decided to offer online tutorial sessions on a trial basis. I will be using the screen sharing capability offered in Zoom. You can use a microphone or maintain a phone conversation alongside the video.  (The phone option may be less problematic because it doesn’t depend so much on the quality of your microphone.)  If you use a microphone it is best to use a headset or have the speakers turned down and positioned well away from the mic. At an agreed-upon time I will initiate a Zoom session, and you will get a notification in your email that will enable you to join the conversation.

To take best advantage of this service you should have a clear idea in your mind about what exactly you want to cover, which problems are giving you difficulty, etc. You should have read the book and watched the video for that section and struggled with the topic on your own. (You need to plow the ground before the seeds are sown!)

When you want to schedule a session start by going to the purchase page and pay for the time in half-hour increments.  Then send me an email outlining what you want to cover, and include your phone number, the best time to contact you, and your time zone.  (I am in the Mountain Time Zone.  Eastern time is two hours ahead, Central time is one hour ahead, and Pacific time is 1 hour behind.)  I will attempt to contact you by phone to schedule the session(s).