Mac/Linux Notes

All of the HSC courses now come in a single version for Windows, Mac, and Linux.  The files are distributed on an 8GB reusable USB flash drive.


All of the videos in all of the courses have been converted to mp4 format, so they should play in any media player.  Some media players allow more fluent scanning and frame selection than others, which can be significant if you are searching or replaying sections of a video.  If your media player does not perform well in this way, try downloading the VLC Media Player, which is available for Windows/Mac/Linux.

Spreadsheet Software

The spreadsheets used in the HSC courses were constructed with Libre Office (a branch of the Open Office project), a FREE, open source alternative to Microsoft Office, however, the files are saved in .xls format to be compatible with both Libre Office and Microsoft Excel. There are Windows, Mac, and Linux versions of Libre Office. Most Linux distributions come with Libre Office installed.

Equation Graphing Software

A graphing program used in some of the older HSC videos is Graphmatica, which is a Windows program. However, any equation that can be displayed in Graphmatica can be displayed in GeoGebraGraphmatica is being phased out in favor of GeoGebra as older recordings are updated.


The HSC Geometry, Algbra 2/Trigonometry, Precalculus, and Calculus courses make use of GeoGebra, which is FREE for student use.  GeoGebra is available for Windows/Mac/Linux at  Download Classic Version 5.